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    Personal Info
    I am currently a Senior in the Physics department here at Virginia Tech and am playing with minors in math and computer science.
    Actually, I dropped the minor as the Computer Science department issued me an ultimatum stating that if I did not sign up as a CS major, they would not let me take the classes for my minor. So, those of you who know me know where I told them to get off.
    Yes, the political horde is everywhere.

    My immediate plan is to start work on my Ph.D. in Material Science here at VA Tech with Dr Randy Heflin (see Research section) as my advisor.

    This is a picture of my work car .   .   .   . and my house .   .   .   . and the back yard where I play    

    This is my high school senior picture
    This is my dog

    current activities and links to their sites

    Virginia Tech Chapter of the
    Society of Physics Students

    Floyd County High School Outreach program
    A pilot program funded by the

    National Science Foundation

    I help out Dr Randy Heflin in his Non-Linear Optics Lab. In fact, he is my gradute advisor pro-tem (sp). My research is in the fabrication and characterization of thin-film polymeric materials assembled by using the ISAM technique (Ionically Self-Assembled Monolayers) (Just one of those catchy acronyms). You'll have to see his pages for the particulars.

    Also, see Dr. Willi Graupner's page for some interesting incites into polymer film photovoltaics.
    Caution: He is Austrian.
    This is a picture of one of my toys.
    To see what is done with it, click on the picture
    Dr. Randy Heflin's projects

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